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Facebook hack alert BREAKING NEWS - Leaked Vide0 of Casey Anthony CONFESSING to Lawyer!

Another facebook hack if you see a friend like a link or see this link in their status:

BREAKING NEWS - Leaked Vide0 of Casey Anthony CONFESSING to Lawyer!

DO NOT CLICK ON IT! It is a virus download.


  1. So, is it a CNN advertiser who's doing this? Are the people who have this crap in their feeds those who've liked CNN's page?

  2. Hello actually NO IT IS NOT A CNN site if you happen to see the actual wording on a hacked friends account the link goes to a different site that is NOT CNN. In case you are not familiar with how linking works you can link any words to a website and the website does not have to have the linked words in its name.

    For example someone can text click on this link and the linked text says, but if it is clicked on it really goes to Yes there are people out in this world who would be so deceptive as to mislead you into clicking on a virus download under the assumption you are clicking on a link to something of interest to you.

    But hey if you don't want to take the warning then by all means click away you'll be keeping you PC support tech in business.

  3. Also, if someone has liked this link chances are their facebook account has been compromised and the hacker went in to their account and liked the link so all the effected person's friends see the link and like lemmings decide to click it. This purpose is to spread the virus.

    By all means if you don't think a facebook account can be hacked then go ahead click on it be sure to have your PC techs number handy.


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