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SCAM ALERT! Robo-call from company claiming to be Card Services

As we all know, robo-calls are considered illegal - but that obviously does not count for scam artists, especially international scam artists.

If you get a robo-call from a company claiming to be Card Services, be cautious. It is a known scam. The robo-call starts off telling you your credit score is at risk, and only they can help you lower your interest rates and pay off your overdue debt. If you want to get in touch with a real person you need to press 1. Pressing 1 confirms your phone number.

They claim to lower the interest rates on your credit cards, but first you have to give them your credit card number along with the three or four digit code on the back. Further, they ask for your social security number along with other personal identity information. Of course this is a blatant attempt to commit identity theft as well as make fraudulent charges.

This scam company has a confirmed affiliation with:
Premiere Debt Solutions
(407) 219-5960
4207 Vineland Rd, #M14, Orlando, FL 32811

Below are known numbers the company Card Services use so far. These numbers are an ever growing list. Sometimes the call will show as Private Number, or with a bogus caller ID name like British Virgins. If you receive a call from this company, report it to the FTC or or call the FTC at 1-877-382-4357. Also, respond to this post and report the number and caller ID name from which they call.

855-814-4506, 866-578-4773, 507-226-9420, 905002580032, 505-369-1289, 770-687-8800, 347-504-4345, 916-301-4406, 321-507-3218, 407-434-9999, 715-256-3580, 321-594-0257, 404-303-0944, 515-789-7889, 406-219-2571, 731-256-3580, 515-789-7889, 312-470-0736, 1-877-879-9695, 678-365-0539, 284-661-9933, 928-308-5453, 201-942-2887, 701-920-9550, 302-232-3096, 702-232-5103, 843-743-6848, 304-445-6838, 301-874-3088, 749-000-5263, 419-910-1930, 317-559-4012, 903-368-2029, 210-284-6521, 631-667-1382, 918-442-0918, 879-000-6654, 702-502-1111, 317-559-4012, 310-388-6861, 702-520-1111, 831-818-4019, 402-982-0591, 202-456-1111, 301-455-8592, 619-729-5875, 317-559-4012, 443-324-9059, 404-895-5538

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