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Craigslist Winner!!! Survey Scam

If you try to go to you might get redirected to a website claiming you are the craigslist winner for your area. It's a scam to get your information. The website hosting this survey is called They have been around since April of 2011. This is a similar scam to the guessology cram scam from a few weeks ago where facebook users were redirected to participate in a fake facebook survey. The page will look something like this:

Note the fine print at the bottom : This is an advertisement. This website is not sponsored by or affiliated with Craigslist. Participation required.

Yet they use the craiglist name and claim your have won a prize for going to the craigslist site. Making it look like craigslist has sanctioned their scam. Just another survey phishing scam, folks. Also, if you try to redirect from the survey to another website you'll see this:

Don't click on "OK" just exit out of your browser window and open a new one.

Recognizing and Avoiding Online and Offline Scams


  1. I just went through this on a Mac using Safari 5.1 and Lion. It's one of the more vicious I've seen, in that it blocks you from resetting Safari (to clear cache & history) before quitting and if you simply close the browser, when you next open it the subwindow reappears and you're just as stuck. I finally found a way to clear the cache while the program was closed (a dicey idea for a technopeasant like me). I had to reopen Safari and force quit but after that it seems okay. How do they force the redirection in the first place? Is there a way to be proactive about that? Thanks for your work on the site.

  2. Usually hit this when I mispell as '' - must be a common error cause they seem to have registered this domain and using it with a redirect to their scam

  3. I got this scam too when I spelled the website incorrectly -

    I accidentally tried to visit

    Note the extra "T".

  4. This is what I got:
    Good morning ,

    Greetings, my name is Jim, Chief executive officer of Craig's list. We recently combined up with The apple company concerning a 1 time corporate event recently, we're giving out no cost MacBook Air to randomly selected individuals who've listed an advert that use Clist. You have been picked as one of our recent winners this week, for the ad you posted "Baby Girl Blankets - $10 (Santee)". Our organization randomly pick data to match up with advertising on Craigslist and your listing matched up with our recent drawing.

    Sorry if you missed out on our last Drawing, but here is your chance once again

    We've partnered with Apple mackintosh to promote their coolest program yet, the Apple MacBook Air. Yet again, we are going to be running this offer for a day only. All you need to do is Just Click Here to check out our page especially for this event and provide your email and get yours totally free. Just be certain you enter your e mail so we may locate our records to guarantee that we have arranged one for you. That's it!

    Congrats on winning a free Apple MacBook Air (valued at $1,479.00). Should you need any concern or concerns, you can also mail me back. All the same, you need to claim your zero cost MacBook Air first to make sure one is going to be booked for you prior to the deadline terminates. We all do know that you could quite possibly not get this e mail until following the due date, though, we suggest you view the web page and enter in your email address to find out if I have yours on hand, which we normally do as a consequence others had not claimed theirs soon enough.


    Chief executive officer,

  5. Thanks for the post! Just happened to me, but googled it and got to your site before I clicked on anything else. Thanks again.

  6. Scammers should be tortured then shot!!!


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