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XOMBA is a scam reposted

XOMBA is a scam! repost thanks to someone who put some coding in their response which almost rendered my blog inoperable. No doubt someone who wanted to try and shut my blog down, nice try but didn't work. Comments were saved and are below the posting.

Here is how Xomba is supposed to work. You sign up with them and give your AdSense account number to them. They use it in conjunction with theirs, they supply the site and you supply the post that will generate AdSense revenue. The profit is supposed to be split 50/50.

I use to have an account with them I won a contest that was supposed to have a cash prize. After I won the contest my account was suspended. They claimed I plagiarized and took three of my post off the site. Two post were Movie and TV reviews which I had written posted at Xomba and my own blog. Another post was an original work which I wrote specifically for the Xomba site about letterboxing, it was not published anywhere else yet David claimed it was plagiarized. I’ve asked both David and Nick for proof of the claim because I’ve submitted proof that I didn’t plagiarize. I have not heard from either one of them regarding their proof all Nick said was he would talk to David about it. Funny thing is they've kept my other posts up, the ones that are generating revenue.

So, what happens is once you start generating revenue or its possible Xomba owes you a cash prize and you are not one of their regulars they will ban your account for no legitimate reason so all the revenue from your post goes to them and it doesn't get shared. If you happen to get your account back it will be days later, so you will lose days worth of revenue while they profit from your hard work.

It looks like if you are one their regulars you get to "stay" because the profit is so big for them it doesn't matter if they are sharing, but if you aren't then they will ban your account keep your post up and earn whatever revenue they can milk off it.

Comments reposted:

Thunder Chick said...

The jury is still out on this one. After a few rounds of going back and forth my account was reinstated but blocked again and reinstated after David left. I am not sure if there was a power struggle going on with them but according to Nick my account is good to go.

I haven't decided if I am going to go back to them. I might decide to go elsewhere. It's a real shame, I feel like my account was caught in the middle of something but there is not guarantee it won't happen again.
November 28, 2007 7:20 AM

Whit Bell said...

I complained in a Xombyte about there being no working link from my profile to my Xombytes, and so now I've been blocked. I'm with you. Seems like a scam. Here is a link to another complaint article by Allison West on October 3, 2008.
January 11, 2009 1:18 PM

Allison said...

I am Allison West, and I wouldn't call my first review article about Xomba a "complaint article." Nor did I ever mention or imply that Xomba was a scam. I'm not really comfortable having my article mentioned on a page calling Xomba a scam, because I'm now a big Xomba fan. This was my first article I wrote about Xomba when I was first getting started. It took some time to build, but I'm about to receive my third check for my Xomba writings. Xomba is such a legitimate opportunity that I'm going to focus all my writing efforts with them this summer, just so I can build more revenue during this tough economy. I can't make as much money at other sites I work for, in fact I now make more on Xomba in one day than I do in a whole month on some other writing sites!
Go to and look for author "Allison West", and read ALL my articles about Xomba, you'll see my views on the matter.
BTW: There was the problem of my Xombytes not linking to my user profile, and I do notice this issue on some other user profiles too. I mainly post Xomblurbs so this hasn't been a big deal for me afterall, and I still make a lot of money on Xomba! I highly recommend the site.
May 29, 2009 2:13 PM

Barrudaki said...

Hello Alison,

Thank you for clearing a few things up. However, there are other people out there who have been wronged by Xomba. I am glad they decided to recognize your work and not try to steal from you. I also know David B aka Idlewild contacted you to try and put a bad name on my blog. I do have a comment from him that I deleted because of his unsavory comments toward you. I am sure he probabaly didn't mention that to you or only mentioned the good parts.

There is more than one person who thinks Xomba is a scam and I urge you to not discreet them because they have had an less than gleaming experience like you.
May 29, 2009 7:33 PM

Barrudaki said...

Also Alison a link to your post was placed here by someone commenting on the post not by me. I didn't reject the comment because they had their own bad experience with Xomba.
May 29, 2009 7:39 PM
Anonymous said...

I had similar problem when writing content for Xomba! I would post a lot of articles on their site and once they were up and running for a while, my adsense ads would suddenly stop appearing on my posts half of the time. This is what happens when they make the adsense stopping working for the author but still keeps running for the 50% revenue the site gets. So they basically went into my adsense info in the Xomba profile and literally sabotaged it, so that my part of the ad-revenue would not accumulate.
I confirmed this to be the case when I saw it happening, by creating "channels" on my adsense account, listing my xomba article links. When the ads stopped on my pages at xomba, I saw on the channels where every one of them noted "not found", meaning my adsence ID was taken off of them.
Strangely, when I considered what might have caused them to pull this dirty trick on me, the only thing I could figure out is that they were not happy with the series of religious articles I had been posting at that time. This despite the fact they have a "religion and beliefs" category. The articles were from Biblical creation viewpoint but disagreeing with them, should NEVER have resulted in their cutting off my part of the adsense revenue. They used the excuse that my adsense ID number had somehow mysteriously shifted out of place in my profile. I actually tested them by bringing up my adsense ID, to see if they would follow that lead and claim that's where the problem was and that's exactly what they did. To this day, I honestly believe they used cutting off my ads, as a punishment method, a penalization if you will because they knew they could not censor me outright. You may be asking "You don't really believe this is what they were doing, do you?" and I would answer that I absolutely believe this is exactly what they did.
I had a very similar experience with them months previous to this and only came back because I needed to give them the benefit of the doubt.
In summation, xomba is apparently run by a young fellow who is using these type methods as reprisal toward members there that do something that rubs him the wrong way. That's as low class as it gets and it will eventually catch up with him. As for me, I have no grudge against xomba or it's owner and am simply continuing going the directions I like to go. I hope he wakes up and matures in his administrative methods, so that more sincere contributors are not degraded in their efforts. The members after all, are the lifeblood of content sites and are actually doing the bigger favor in making the site a financial and traffic success. (Sorry post was longer than I intended)
June 10, 2009 1:28 PM


  1. You know hat, the last commenter is right and I guess I know who he is. Because I have seoquake installed, everytime I looked to my articles or bookmarks I see their adsense ID. Also, at the begging I noticed high ctr than now for months it is almost zero.

  2. There seems to be more problems with Xomba now. The site is losing traffic and the members are complaining about lower earnings. Some think they are splitting the money different and keeping more for themself.

  3. I wrote ten unique articles on various subjects and cannot even get them approved. The articles are well written and do no violate TOS. I am glad I found this scam site because now I do not want to have my hard work milked by Xomba. In essence, they are doing me a favor by not approving quality writing.

  4. I tried to sign up today and it said my email address had been banned from Xomba. This is curious because I only created the account for this address a couple of months ago and on top of this have never even heard of Xomba before today. I decided to research this because I didn't know how they could ban someone who had never heard of them before and found a long list about ban complaints. Im glad I ran into this little problem because in the long run it probably saved me some frustration from this scam.

  5. It's no doubt Xomba is a scam. Their intention seems to ban you whilst they continue to serve Adsense Ads on your articles. Just make sure that they remove your articles from that site immediately, or better still, you can go ahead and fill a Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) against that site for stealing your work.

  6. I wrote an Article for the Site as well and they didnt say ANYTHING, They just Banned my Account. I HOPE they took out MY Article.
    Dont trust them anymore and Spreading word around to All of my Followers not to use them.


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