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Midwest Circulation LLC threatens legal action because they've been exposed.

Midwest Circulation, LLC has decided to harass me and threaten me with legal action over what has transpired since they sent their first harassing comment to my blog. They are saying me exposing their Better Busines Bureau rating is harassment. They claim using their CEO's name is harassment. They also claim me contacting the Attorney General's office is harassment.

Copy of message sent to me:

Dear Barrudaki,

"midwestcirculation " has sent you a message on

To remove the complaints of this person, please, try to contact him/her, resolve the issue and ask him/her to send us removal request. Try to send message using our "Send Message" option so that we could see the reply from this person. Go to user's profile, there is a Send Message option.


we will ask one time to remove your rants off this board if not we will seek advise of law inforcement to file charges for harrassment. we have already spoke to the complaints board and they are fully aware of the sitiuation and asked us to try to resolve this with you first, we would appreciate if you would comply, if not that is up to you.

When ever a company has a complaint against them it is not a form of harassment. Letting people know what that companies Better Business Bureau rating is, is not harassment. Contacting the Attorney General's office to complain about a business is not harassment. Though let it be known I did not contact the Attorney General's office I merely suggested that I should. Companies may claim they have legal rights to keep the general public quite about their business practices but that is not the case. Anyone who has been wronged by a company has the right to complain. Also, even a commoner like myself has a right to investigate a company especially when they have started a bullying campaign.


  1. I just got scammed by Midwest Circulation today!!! Bought one magazine for 56 bucks. I live in the west GA area! Beware!

  2. They have a team working Jacksonville,FL now. Saved myself a little pain by stopping payment. Noticed some people may have paid in cash or they want you to think so by sticking cash in their payment pouch so it is visible.

  3. I am in the same boat. I ordered magazines in early Nov. and have been calling them bi-weekly since Jan. What else can I do? Now, it is not about the money, it is about them scamming people and using kids to do it.
    Thank you,

  4. They have a team in Nashville, TN. I paid $58 for magazines to go to a children's hospital. After having a funny feeling about it, I did some research online. All I could find is complaints about them scamming them and cleaning out their bank accounts. So I went to the bank to stop payment on it and even changed accounts. I contacted Midwest as advised by my bank. They told me they already ran the check and now will be turned over to collections and the problem will be between them and me. That is all they said and hung up. Really??? Now I have a bad check out there and have to pay a fine.

  5. I Worked for them for 4 weeks, and knew they were a scam by the 2nd week when I watched a kid get the crap beat out of him by two people out weighing him by 150Lbs, I waited for my opportunity which was a bit drastic which is what it takes, and quit 4 days ago. Tried to post once but it was to many characters! I'm on a phone so I didn't retry. If you want real updated info contact me at last known location where I left them is 12001 Service road I35 south Oklahoma city, OK!

  6. Beware they are in Roanoke Va as of today. They say they are selling these subscriptions and the proceeds go to St Judes. They did not get anything from me but beware It was two college age females that came here.

  7. It's clear they are a scam. Their company website is out of the box and displays absolutely no contact information. No content, no anything, and they've been in business for two years.

    The only positive articles you can find on them are from PR Websites that publish any article they are paid to publish. Companies with image problems often do this.

    There are also hundreds of POLICE REPORTS on these people. Many of these salespeople associated with Midwest Circulations LLC have been arrested for EX-CONS or people with active-warrants for their arrest.

    Some of the salespeople say the money will go to a charity, the troops, or towards a trip, but there is no evidence of this ANYWHERE online.

    Many people have not received refunds or their ridiculously overpriced magazines.

    Midwest Circulations LLC have an F on the BBB and have plenty of unresolved cases they've made no effort to close. Clearly, they're worried about customer satisfaction...

    There are also plenty of reports from ex-employees who said they would not receive enough money for food on a daily basis, or that the company would leave them abandoned. Some employees have been assaulted, murdered, or raped going door-to-door and the company does not do anything to ensure their safety- they move on to the next location and leave them dead or mangled.

    I was sketched out when I was asked to pay $56 for 1/2 of a magazine subscription (6 issues). You can get a FULL 12-issue subscription for about $14.95 from any company.

    If you value your safety or your bank account, stay clear and call your local police department.

  8. My 17 year old daughter was just intimidated to write a check by a representative of midwest circulation llc in a business parking lot in Muscle Shoals, Alabama. She came home in tears. I went to the parking lot with the intention of getting her check back but ended up filling out a police report because the Midwest circulation llc employee was no where to be found. I'll be stopping the check first thing in the morning.


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