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The Washington State Attorney General's office puts the brakes on Slade and Shawna Kitchen's internet motorcycle parts scam

The Washington State Attorney General's office cracked down on Slade and Shawna Kitchen for their devious internet scams. The Kitchens were ordered to pay $25,000 in penalties and $13,400 in restitution for nearly 60 customers. The pair must also reimburse the state for more than $51,000 in attorneys’ fees and legal costs. For years the Kitchens were using the alias Joe Matthews, Terry Reynolds, T. Shine and Denver to conduct their fraudulent business sites for telecom communication equipment and motorcycle parts.

It is a good feeling when a scammer is caught and brought to justice. I would like to thank everyone who contributed to my original scam alert about the site and to everyone who were determined to expose these criminals for what they are frauds! Good job!

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