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If you check your checking account statement or credit card bill and find WEBNETBILL.COM POS 661-621-9202 CY 059804 charging you and you don't know who they are call them up and notify them, notify your bank or credit card company! Have your account frozen.

I just had someone by the name of Harry Sewell try to use my debit card number. Mr. Harry Sewell lives in Texas and owns a store called The Grip Master USA (

WEBNETBILL.COM is in California it appears they don't know how to confirm a billing address or any address attached to a credit card or else they would have known the billing address attached to my card is not in freakin' TEXAS. I had the lady from webnetbill try to say my account is a joint account and I needed to talk to my husband. I'M FREAKING SINGLE PLUS IT TOOK A LOT OF CONVINCING TO EVEN GET HER TO ADMIT IT WAS A CASE OF FRAUD! Oh by the way collects payments for porn sites which means they know for a fact they will be hit with fraudulent charges yet when someone calls up to complain they act like as if the customer is the one at fault. Total losers all the way around!


  1. Looks like I just got nailed, too. Thanks for your post--it provided a one-stop confirmation of my suspicions. Time for a new credit card #!
    Oh, and I also got hit with one from SIACCESS NET 8006271231 NEWKIRK TASK. All three charges (2 from webnetbill) also incurred foreign transaction charges, so I'm sure my number is being bought & sold.

  2. ive just got billed too by them i havent ever heard of them but contacted them and they didnt respond now ive told my bank and will get my money back was charged from them and tdc mobil 3x times get a new credit card but think they got my info at its the only place my bank options are


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