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BCR Collection Agency SCAM!

If you happen to get a phone call from BCR Collection Agency chances are it's a scam. This collection Agency has been in violation of FDPCA laws. What this so called company does is call someone, anyone and claim they owe a debt. I have read a range of different complaints against this company, calling after 9 PM, Continueing to call after receiving cease and decease orders, calling even though the person doesn't owe the debt. But, I also know someone who is being harrassed by this company right now.

This company calls doesn't idenify themselves yet demands account numbers, names, and other personal information. My friend after finding out who were and what they wanted explained to them, she was already in contact with a different collection company and was paying the debt through them. The BCR rep on the phone demanded she pay only them and she can only pay through their website. This company refuses to send any paper bills or anything in writing. The website payment link is unsecure. While the other company has no problem sending a bill outlining how much she paid the last time and what is left on the account. Yet, BCR is claiming she is not paying the debt. She is not trying to play an innocent victim, she is paying the debt but to the right company not BCR.

I happen to goggle this company's name BCR Collections or BCR Collection Agency and found some very disturbing information. The complaints seem to be uniform in the demanding of money but refusing to send anything in writing, demanding payment can only be made through a credit card or linked bank account through their unsecured website, the reps being vague, rude, and barely understandable. Contacting the wrong person or calling the person work and demanding to speak to their supervisor. They have also illegally obtained phone numbers, because my friend used my phone to call them, they are now calling my phone demanding information from me. Demanding my name and my account numbers and demanding I pay them money.

What is highly irregular about this company BCR is their persistance of trying to get money from people who are already paying a different creditor. Does BCR hack into other collection agencies databases and then try to scam people into paying them instead? Why are they demanding payments can only be made through their website and refusing to give a written statement about what is owed on the account. What are they afraid of and why do they need payment from a linked bank account or credit card? Why demand payment through an unsecured website? Why demand payments from people who don't even owe them money? The answer they are scammers, if you pay them once with a linked account or credit card they use that information to try and get drain the linked account or max out the credit card limit. DON'T PAY THIS COMPANY ANYTHING!

If you have been contacted by this phony collection agency contact and turn them in! Also, contact your local Attorney General's office about this bogus company too. If the company continues to call document everything, tell them you are recording the phone conversation and if they don't want to participate then they need to send their information to you through the mail. Send them a cease and decease letter at the address below:

Bureau of Collection Recovery, Inc.,
7575 Corporate Way
Eden Prairie, MN 55344

Contact The Federal Trade Commission about BCR:

Federal Trade Commission
One Bowling Green Ste. 318
New York, NY 10004
1-877-382-4357 (877-FTC-HELP)

Here is more information on this bogus company in case it is needed.

Marty Sarim - COO of BCR
David Winters - President of BCR

Phone number: (952) 934-7777


  1. they have been harassing me too! i've already filed a complaint with the BBB

    1. I settled a disputed debt with BCR in 2006. Since I never received a paid in full letter from them and they never informed Cingular/ATT, another collection agency is now after me for more funds. I am going to pay the other agency--Professional Collections, Los Angeles--only to get it off my credit report. If you pay off any bill to BCR, make a copy of the offer of settlement letter and the cancelled check or payment screen and save it forever! From now on, it's prepaid cellular only for me.

  2. I have been getting calls from them with a cincinnati area code. The first time was listed unpublished and the second listed as a cell. So I called them. She told me it was for my husband. All she told me was it was a mastercard. I asked her what kind of mastercard and she asked me what kind do we have. I said I dont know tell me is it like capital one and then I listed a lot more. She told me she couldnt get in the sytem anymore and they would haft to call me back. I asked what was the last four #s of the credit card and she wouldnt answer me. She told me it was going on his credit after the 27th. Well I have a copy of our credit report and as of almost 2 months ago all his credit cards are already on his credit as deliquent. We got a copy so we could contact and pay each one as we can. I lost my job so I told her we are paying the more important things first. She told me it was more important and would hurt me worse on my credit than my house and my car. Then I asked her how she got my # because it is a cell and they are legally not allowed to call cells unless given to them. She said well what do you mean this is a cell. I then said this is also listed under my father n laws name not my husbands. She said well can you give me a better #. I said first you tell me where you got this # because you are not allowed to call this and give me the credit card info. She then said thanks and hung up on me. The amount she told me was lower than my cards amounts. So watch out for this company. Only go by paperwork in the mail or print your credit report and contact directly by what is listed with that card. or contact the credit card co. directly and they will put you in contact with who they placed you with collections.

  3. They have been calling both my cell & my husband's cell. When we google the number, it comes up as a residence in our area, Houston. Thank you for posting the warnings!

  4. I keep getting a call from a Dave Fink from BCR. He is very rude to me. Doesn't let me put a word in at all. I tell him not to call me at work & he does. He called today & he asked if I had a ny questions, so I asked him to repeat some answers & relied I already answered that & then says I will tak ethis as a refusal to pay. After I had said that i didn't see the payment on my statement. He hung up real quick. Then I tried calling back & got the run around. So should I contact a lawyer at this point?

  5. Yes contact a lawyer and the federal trade commission www.ftc.fov turn them in. esprcially if you are making payments and BCR is not honoring them or showing them on a statement.

  6. BCR is not a scam, but a legitimate collection agency. Collection agencies DO NOT send bills (you are not a billing customer with charged off debts, the debt is due in full per the contract you entered in once in default). Collections agencies are required to send notices that the account is with thier agency. Verbal ceases to work places are to be honored, no argument. It is always best to cease telephone collections in writing if that is your wish.

    Pay your bills on time if you do not want collection activity to take place is the best advice. Creditors do have the right to due dilligence to recover thier investment.

    BCR does employ computer dialer capability to match the area code they are calling too. It is not a direct number for the agency. The actual number is provided when the agency calls and leaves messages. The agency phone number is also on the initial notice that is sent when the debt arrives at the agency to be collected.

    1. I have worked at debt collection agencies and they DO HAVE to send out an itemized copy, in writing, of what is exactly owed, who the original billing company was that contracted the collection agency and the original account number as well as all names that were on the original account.

      They DO NOT have the right to call any of the debtors friends or relatives unless those people were put on the original application for reference or future contact, BUT those people have the right to verbally tell the collection agency to stop calling them as they are not the debtor and the agency, by law, has to stop calling them.

      If what all of these people here are saying is true about not getting written documentation to the debt owed and being asked ssn #'s and account numbers, me advice is to hang up on them directly, call your local phone company (if they are calling you on a land line)and have them block the call. Also, you can contact the FCC on their website and complain about the numbers that are calling and harassing you and they'll send them a cease and desist and if they still call you, the FCC can shut down their communication systems.

    2. It's a scam! The debt you paid thru these kind of agencies doesn't resolved your pending debt. They will call you in different time to collect on the debt you have already paid to them.

      I have kept records of all payment I have made to such agencies and they called again few years later to collect on the same debt.

      I advise to you do not take the call or don't pay the debt! If you've paid by pressure, keep records or receipt because they will call you again or calling under a different agency name to collect on the same debt.

  7. BCR is attempting to collect a debt from me. I've been out of work for the past 11.5 months. I've repeatedly explained my situation -- my reward for being honest?

    No lie here: I receive 8 phone calls from BCR every single day. Really!! Every single day. Further, I've received these "love and concern" calls for the past 9 months. This last 2 months we just pickup and hangup or place on hold. Yes, we now know all their caller ID #'s. When we hangup they change the number and just call me back.

    While this is something of a perverted game, I'm really getting burned up with the constant harassment.

  8. I have also recieved mutiple calls from this agency. They say I owe money to T-MOBILE and are very persistent with getting money from a credit card over the phone. They refuse to send a bill in the mail stating I owe them money. Any legit company can and will send you something in writing saying you owe this amount of money. They call me about 6 times a day on a regular basis and are very rude.

    A lady called me about 20 mins ago (the same lady who called me yesterday around the same time) and told me who she was and what she was calling for. I told her I knew what she was calling for and that she called me yesterday with this same matter and like I told her yesterday, I put a check in the mail (lied) and then she butted in, her voice rose and said, "Yes, but you never told me how much you were going to pay!" I said, "It's none of your buisness, at least you are getting some money." and she hung up.

    They always hang up when you get smart with them. I have already filed a complaint with so if anyone else has problems with this company PLEASE file a complaint!

    This company is the most ridiculous company I have ever heard of.

  9. I have also received calls daily starting at 8AM and they continue until 9pm at night. I never answer the phone with a number I do not know, if they know me they will leave a message. If they do not leave a message, I research the number to see who is calling. BCR started calling about 3 weeks ago. I have no debt and my credit report is immaculate. Not sure who or what they are looking for but here are the numbers that come up:

    I am a stickler about my credit and I monitor my credit report on a biweekly basis. A little OCD I know, but I make sure no one is going to rip me off and I not find out about until it too late. I refuse to let people take advantage of me and get something for nothing. If there is one thing I can't stand it is dishonesty. People that think they can just manipulate other people into giving them money by using scare tactics when they know full well that it is a scam. Whatever you do, don't get bullied!!!

  10. To the anonymous person who claims BCR is a scam- 9 to 1 just on this blog about BCR's scamming ways, as well as plenty of better business bureau reports oh and other complaint sites with similar scamming reports on BCR but yet they aren't a scam. Would you happen to be someone who works for them and uses the same abusive ways they do? I'm working on another post real soon how to legally go after companies like BCR. Stay tuned lets see what else BCR's anonymous reps have to say.

  11. The same comp. started calling my home about 2 months ago.When I get home EVERYDAY from work theres a message to call BCR...when I do finally call the # given I ask what the place was and who they were trying to contact and the Stupid ,Rude A-------hangs up in my face, so my husbands calls back and the same thing occurs again.Something needs to be done!!


  13. Im sick and tire of this place calling. Im gonna try and get the CEOs number so I can call them over and over and over. Im not even the person theyre looking for.

  14. BCR calls with a recording telling me to call 888-276-8572. So I called and was connected to a rep - she asked me what I wanted - I asked her what she wanted - she asked what was my phone number - I responded taht I will not give her my number, you must have it since you keep calling. She responded, we will continue to call. I responded - OK with me I just will not answer. Now they call every day with the same recording, how do I stop them. I have no outstanding bills with anybody.

  15. Ok folks, here's how you deal with BCR or any other collection agency. As a result of CHASE bank trying to screw me, I stopped paying on the credit card account. Six months later when CHASE bank gave up, started getting calls from BCR. Now, I know this advice certainly isn't for all my fellow Americans, but here's what I did. First thing is cancel your home phone, when they start calling your cell phone, put the number on call blocking. I think most cell companys will let you do this. You may have to pay for call blocking, but it's worth it. They will continue to call from different phone numbers, and simply add them to your blocked call list. Like I said, this cure isn't for everyone, but my phone doesn't ring, unless it's someone I know. Hope this helps a few of you.

  16. Let me add a quick note. After you have blocked several of their numbers, they will call from an "unavailable" number. You know it's them. Unavailable = BCS. At this point you can ignore the call, or perhaps have your cell phone place change your number. Good luck, but don't let them ruin your life.

  17. My son owed a bill for a cell phone. My son and husband has the same name so BCR assuming that my son was my husband had put a lien on my house. They are saying they didn't do it but my mortgage broker told me they put it on and gave me the phone number and acct number. How or what do I do to get this off because BCR keeps saying they didn't do it ..

  18. To Anonymous with the house lien. What you need is proof of who is the lien holder. Now your mortgage broker can do the research and cost you a good amount of money or you can go to your town/cities Registrar of Deeds office and do the search yourself. It will still cost you and may take a few hours. You can also call them to find out what information you need to bring to start the search. The search will give you the name of the company or person who put the lien on your property. If you find it was BCR get a lawyer and make them prove why they put the lien on your house. Also, make them pay your legal fees.

  19. Another quick note. Technology works both ways. There is now a cell pnone app called "Do Not Disturb". It is published my Riffware. It effectivly blocks all unwanted calls. Unavailable, private callers, and numbers you put on the block list. Excellent application, check it out.

  20. Regarding BCR. They call three to four times a day for months. I called yesterday the number they left me , April 29,2010. They hung up immediately. I sent an e-mail, it came back undeliverable. I told BCR I was going to contact the Lieutenant Gov. of my State concerning them. I am waiting to see if they call today! I will be writing their headquarters and copying the Lt. Gov. office Fair Trade Commission. Is there anyway to get a petition going or class law suit as they have cause a great deal of harassment and financial problems for many people? How many people are we talking about here who are getting calls from BCR? I am in the Southwest!

  21. It looks like this company, in order to keep overhead costs to a bare minimum, has adopted a business model of not mailing out paper statements, and contacting "debtors" ONLY by phone. (Most collections agencies use both telephone and mail.)

    Ironically, this abuse may arise from a loophole in the federal law which doesn't specifically require debt collections agencies to make demands on paper through the mail.

    Previous to companies like BCR and their ilk, all collections agencies attempted to contact their targets through the mail as well as by phone. But there may be nothing specifically in the FDCPA that states they MUST send demands in writing, at least unless a paper bill is formally demanded. If the law is silent or vague on that issue, then it was just a matter of time before some agencies adopted as their business model an all-phone, constant harrassment approach.

    Setting up a call center, hiring low-end workers, and making harrassing calls everyday (sometimes 2-3 times/day), as some people are receiving, actually turns out to be MUCH CHEAPER than sending mailings while maintaining a call center for "escalated" cases.

    So what BCR has done is just eliminated all mailings, or they probably have a rule to use the mail in only the most "extreme" cases.

    This would dramatically cut overhead costs and make them much more effective competitors in the collections market, as they're able to "squeeze" a lot more profit out of revenues from each bill collected.

  22. I'm glad to read this. I thought I was going nuts! These people call my house around 8 times a day. I'm a consultant that works from home so it's difficult to gauge what calls to pick up or not to. Yesterday, they asked for me and I said *she* wasn't available (I wasn't - I was working! lol). They proceed to ask instead if they can speak to (my name)'s husband. (I about laughed with annoyance. I'm 38 years old and have never married. Obviously, this is a scam given lack of evidence or facts!) I asked if I could take a message, who this was, and get a return number they replied it was a personal business matter and they called back. So, I asked if it was a personal business matter - why would they ask for another person (like a husband I obviously don't have?!) AND not give their name! They had to be stupid and it's illegal to request or give any additional information to another party. They said they'd call back and hung up. This is ridiculous. They called again from another number this morning asking for me then my (imaginary) spouse again. Wouldn't give me any of their information - just they'll call back again. Maybe my "husband" will have to answer next time. I'll be too busy reporting them to the FTC..... :) What idiots!

  23. Interesting comments. I found this because I am getting computerized calls asking me to call them. We have no outstanding debts, bills are paid on time and my credit report is excellent. I just figure if they want to talk to me, they can call me. I'm not stupid enough to call them back. It is way too fishy for my comfort level.

  24. i used to work for the BCR in this posting on corporate way in eden prairie i wasnt high on the totem pole or anything but i have seen people who claimed to be from the companys in witch we represented such as Wells Fargo, Tmobile, Sprint and i forgot the credit card but its weird to read this now and wonder if every plaque and award was fake there all these certificates and such hung up on the wall and there in a standard location were they have been for year and i didntg speed to work EVER cause there was always a cop so how can they still be there running two floors and paying people 13.00 or more. i think u guys maybe its possible they have wrong numbers and u dont listen to people or u do owe a debt and thought this would be away to get back at them i dont know but some of the stuff i read is lies because if your bill for wells fargo(where i worked) wasnt to late u could go to the bank and pay and now i have a little debt with TCF and thats what i have been told since paying at the bank also. but there debt collector told me i couldnt- i think its because they do make comission and well its there job in the end when everybody has a family somewhere to fed or bills to pay can u really blame them? I can assure you if it is a scam the place they say u have a debt for would confirm it. i also assure you that company has been around for a decade or more

    1. Perhaps your grammar says a lot about you. I have never know Wells-Fargo to hire anyone that writes like you do. Maybe you should go back to Grammar school and learn how to spell and then maybe come back on here and try to B.S. us again how you worked for a huge financial institution!

  25. It's very strange that they called my work phone and asked for my dad. The lady on the phone refused to provided more information about them. She was quickly hang up the phone. I called that number back. It's a general number. Heads-up people....There are companies out there are very DESPERATE to find a way to generate income by doing a random picks to victimized citizens. BAD BAD BAD.

  26. They continue to call me so today I intended to call them back and set up a payment plan, however, I called several times and got busy signals for the number they left on my machine 1-888-276-8572. After getting busy signals I decided to look them up online and I notices these comments. I have bad debts and I've recently lost my job I plan to pay something on them because I can but I cant waste what little money I do have to go nowhere. Im gonna pull my credit report and contact whom ever has my debt I cant work with this BCR.
    Also for the individual who has a lien on their home you dont have to waste a lot of money by allowing a law to look up who has a lien on your home. In some case you can do it yourself with out leaving you home. Go to your county website and see if they have recorded deed information online you or even look up you county court system and you can find any judgements against you. A company can not put a lien on your home without first getting a judgement through your county courts.

  27. I started getting calls from them last week on my cell phone. They ask for someone named Priscilla. I am not Priscilla nor do I know anyone by that name. I try to tell them that but they just hang up on me and call again later. This is harrassment, not to mention they're burning up my cell phone minutes.

  28. To Anonymous who use to work for BCR, in case you can't read very well the people commenting on this blog have already said they don't have any debts they are behind on and BCR is calling the wrong people. BCR is a scam period. You claiming people must owe money if BCR is calling them is an out right lie. If anything if BCR is calling someone it's because they want to scam people out of money they don't owe.

  29. I am dealing with this company right now the debt is owed and I'm trying to pay it they sent me a settlement and said they accepted prepaid credit cards when I called back to pay they inform me i will have to pay a processing fee ontop of the settlement amount this was never mentioned to me prior to this. I told them I couldn't I had no more money they said they could waive the fee so I paid them. Now they keep calling me saying this payment type won't allow them to waive the fee and I need to send them a money gram but the money is on the card and I can't get cash back on this card it can only be used at point of purchase. Has anyone had problems with this?

  30. They have been harrassing me from the following number: 954-376-5071. I have no idea who they are and dont own any type of phone bill. they ask for other people with my last name.

  31. They have been calling my house early around 8:00 am, at noon,& again at 5:00pm from 2 different numbers every day for the last couple days looking for my mom. They are starting to harassed me. I told them "wrong number" & they asked "if this is the number of our residence", That is a total invasion of privacy. We don't owe for anything. They are scamming us for money that we don't owe.

  32. I've started getting calls from them this past week all of a sudden. I have yet to pick up because I never answer numbers I do not know. They never leave a message but call several times a day. I did research on them, and I'm glad that I did. We have no debts to anyone. Our bills are payed all online through their respective companies, and those that aren't, we send them checks when we get the paper bill. So, we owe nothing to no one. Plus, usually a company that you have a bill with (TV, cell phone, etc) will call you THEMSELVES first before a collections agency to give you notice that they're going to submit you to one. Next time they call, I am picking up, telling them to cease and desist and telling them I will be writing them a letter in writing, and that if they do not quit, I will take legal action ASAP. I'm so glad I researched them. NO ONE has anything good to say about them and everything I have read comes down to one word: SCAM!

  33. I have been receiving calls for months, always a message on the answering machine but I can never get anyone when I try to call back. Today they said I owed money to ATT which is my current phone provider, then gave me a number my mother had about 10 years ago. Said I had to pay or it would go on my credit, I explained that they were mistaken, they said there was nothing I could do and I had to pay now. Hung up on me, VERY rude. I called ATT, spent about a half hour on the phone trying to track down this phantom account, the COMPANY that BCR claimed to be collecting for told me to disregard, as they are WRONG> I called back BCR, got a rep and I started to explain what was going on, she snapped HOLD ON A MINUTE, set the phone down on the desk ( I could hear shuffling papers & typing in the background) then HUNG UP ON ME. I have tried to call that same number back several times and of course goes straight to voicemail...this company is RIDICULOUS and they are just looking for people scared enough to pay when they receive the bogus threats BCR deals out...I will be filing complaints and possibly canceling my phone service I am sick of them waking up my kids!

  34. They called me and told me they wanted to verify my information, and did not not tell me what the bill was for. They told me I owed 918$, I just pulled my credit report and I don't owe anyone that amount besides it was not a familiar amount. They have called me more than once, but they always call while I am at work. When they called me and I answered I just knew it wasn't real because the amount didn't add up with any of my other account statements. What do you do to get rid of this company and have them stop calling?

  35. This company BCR called me at 7:45AM today, are you freakin kidding me? And I told them to go fly a kite, they are trying to find someone else and think they are contacting him, but are dialing my cell number. The lady on the other end was not even american, I couldnt understand a word she was saying and then she passed the phone to another person who could barely speak english. The law does state that you must receive a request for payment in WRITING! Noone can call you and demand payment, it is against the law and you do not have to pay anything to anyone until you can verify the debt!

  36. I have been getting the same calls, with the number being an Atlanta area number,... I answer the phone and they ask me if I am George(well Im a woman and its obvious im not a George) I tell them no im NOT George and get when will George be home. Ive told them there is no George at this number, then get asked if I know George.. duh NO i dont.. they then have the cheek to tell me if for a debt of his and if I would just give them MY credit information and social they would gladly stop calling.. WTF now everytime they call they get a very loud whistle blown into the phone!

  37. I to just started gettung calls from this company Thursday from Unknown caller with a number the lady didnt speak english well and asked to speak to me , i proceeded to say who is this, then she ask for my husband , again i ask what is the reason for your calling , she was like i'll call back later never would tell me what she wanted, So i get another call this morning from BCR 202 607 2731, i nor my husband have no debts, this is crazy.

  38. They call us all the time, I neve answer, finally disconnected my phone. they don't call anymore-yay for me!

  39. This company has called from several area codes inclusive of 202, 734, 909, 800, 813 and the ending number is often 2731, 2732 or 2733.

    They call and say NOTHING. Literally nothing. Then I call them back and ask "who is this?" They say "who are you?" I laugh and ask them..if you do not tell ME who YOU are and YOU called me then someone might think you are:

    C. A combination of both

    They finally kept shouting "WHO IS THIS?" to me and then quoted several names at me..NONE OF WHICH WERE ME.

    This company is a scam and I encourage everyone who gets called by them to call the FTC in Washington at the number listed and report them.

    A legitimate debt collection company will provide their name, their address and a receipt that you paid either via access to an online account or by mail.

    I have paid medical bills to many companies especially in this economy with a horrible insurance policy that barely covers anything..and never have any of the collection companies who called me not given their information asap.

    also..the MAIL RECEIPTS TO ME or provide access to onliner accounts to indicate payments or send out a new bill showing the new lower balance.

    This company is morally bankrupt if it is calling people and saying nothing, may suffer from insanity and a lack of common sense and engages in behavior that is stalker like with no manners which would call into question ANY call they attempt to make.


    PS.-They will try to use your local telephone area code if you do not answer their insane 202 and 800 numbers. I also have gotten combinations of 419 and 419-419 believe it or not.

    Who does business like this? Answer..let the FTC answer this.

  40. I have been receiving harassing calls from them at my place of employment. I have requested time and again for them not to call me at work, which is a law in Colorado that if you request them to not call at work, they can't. The lady I spoke to was very nasty and said she would call me when ever and wherever she wanted to. I told her my boss would fire me if I was constantly on the phone and she said she would call me every day all day long until I got fired. I told her that I would not pay anything until I received in writing the debt that she said she was trying to collect. I had been making payments to another agency for the same exact debt and will not pay for it twice. She started screaming at me that she did not have to prove it in writing and she was calling my manager to tell her that she had a paper saying that my manager was to send her my paycheck immediately. She asked to speak to my manager. She was not there at the time and I told her so. She hung up on me and called back 4 more times and asked for the manager. Somebody needs to get rid of these people!~ They are all anonomous and they never have the same name twice when they call. I have probably talked to 5 different people at 5 different phone numbers. The last voice mail I received from them was stating that a complaint had been filed against me and that I needed to contact them at once. They call my home phone at least 10 times a day and don't leave any messages. They just sit there and waste my voicemail space. I have also filed a complaint with the BBB.

  41. I called them back 52 times in a row and they got pissed. I told the managers there..."gee isn't THAT annoying to get so many calls? Now pretend your unemployed like me....." I warned him another call would get 102 more calls and continue to go up each time....Hey..I have unlimited extra charge on me.....LOL.

  42. This company started calling a couple months ago. When I stop answering their calls, then they somhow got my grandparents number and started harrassing them. We filed a complaint with the FTC but to no avail. They call them at least 4 times a day. Then last week I get a call from my mom saying a member at her church received a message on her voice mailing stating if I did not call by Tuesday, the would come to my job or home and arrest me. How they even associated this person with me is beyond me since I only know this person in passing. I obtained the assistance of an attorney and when he attempted to make contact, they barely return his calls, are rude, vague on what the so called collection is regarding and then gave him a bogus fax and mailing address to send the cease and desist letter to. They call from 202-607-2733 888-714-2338 281-888-0583 281-724-8102

  43. About four (or so) weeks ago I started receiving calls every other day from BCR. Other than stating that I owe roughly fifty dollars they are unable to give me any verifiable information on the supposed debt. While they say that they are collecting the debt on behalf of my bank, a bank that I have my three accounts at for years, when I checked with a bank manager she could not find any outstanding charges of any kind. She also made the point that, as the bank already has my various savings, and banks aren't shy, if a charge was owed they would simply deduct it from one of my accounts.

    I purposefully do not use credit cards, debit cards, or write checks. My home is paid off and I just bought a new car that I paid for outright. Other than taxes, utilities, and insurances, I have carry no debts. Earlier this year I asked for and received credit and background reports from the three credit reporting companies, Lexis Nexis, and another whose name escapes me at the moment (I was curious and they were free) - the reports showed no problems (other than I lead a very boring life). BCR isn't interested in any of my information, nor can they supply me with any information on the debt, they simply continue to demand the (roughly) fifty dollars.

    Frankly, they seem to have enough correct information - my full name that I only use on my accounts (I don't use it anywhere else, not on my dl or employment records), my SSN, knowing where I bank, that I am concerned that either I have been the victim of a fraud or somehow I truly owe a debt. If I owe a debt I would like to not only settle it but find out why or how it managed to go to a collections agency. But BCR can't seem to supply any information. At this point I simply don't know what to do.

  44. Forgot to post my other complaint - when they call I refuse to verify anything other than my name, address, and phone number (basically the only things already publicly listed). It isn't specific to them, I'm fielding ten to fifteen calls a day from various medical and insurance service providers and I don't give out that information to anyone/anyone I routinely deal with already has it. There have been two or three occasions now where, when I refused to give them my SSN or birth date, they continue on (usually they say they can't discuss the matter any further) have said "but we already have the information, we just need you to verify it" then proceed to rattle of my birth date and SSN. Thank you for potentially giving my information to a complete stranger.

    Also, not really important but somewhat related, does anyone else get aggravated by their calling system? I have to say "hello ... hello ... hello ... HELLO!?!" before a human operator picks up (who then transfers me to an other person!). They must lose many of their calls because of people hanging up.

  45. This quote is straight the FTC website.
    "Can a debt collector keep contacting me if I don’t think I owe any money?

    If you send the debt collector a letter stating that you don’t owe any or all of the money, or asking for verification of the debt, that collector must stop contacting you. You have to send that letter within 30 days after you receive the validation notice. But a collector can begin contacting you again if it sends you written verification of the debt, like a copy of a bill for the amount you owe.
    You can try the link below or do a google search for "Debt Collection FAQs"

    Since you KNOW you don't owe the debt send them a certified letter stating you want verification. By sending the letter certified someone from their office will have to sign for it and you will get notification of when it was received and who signed for it.

    If they refuse to honor your request you may then file a complaint on the FTC website. What ever you do don't pay BCR a dime.

  46. My whole problem is that AT&T actually sold my debt to this agency. I haven't had any further calls of harrassment since my father took action. However, I'm now stuck with this debt on my record because I have no actual collection agency working with my debt. I've called AT&T and they say it's out of their hands. I've been trying to see if it's even worth pursuing a lawsuit against not only BCR, but AT&T as well. The guy who called me not only harrassed, cursed, and threatened me, he went so far as to harrass my family as well. Action needs to be taken but how?!

  47. One more thing, their call center is even not in the US. Usually it's easier and cheaper to to do stuff like that in India. They just redirect your call through local number to voip channel directly to Somewhere in India, and here we go, they can go insane as they want. By the way, have You seen the " slumdog millionaire"? Watch it again, u will get the point.

  48. I just got one of those calls from BCR asking for the name of my dad(who has been dead for almost 4 years). He didn't leave any debts behind. They wouldn't give me any specific info, so I did not give them any info except to say that he had passed away and had no debts and then hung up. Call had a New Jersey area code (201) 537-5347. The caller had a very heavy Indian accent.

  49. Well I just got my first call. I don't have any delinquent accounts so I was a bit taken aback when the lady started pestering me for a $140 debt from a bank I have never done ANY business with. Then it rang a bell, about five years ago I had gotten a similar call, but in attempting to verify the debt it became clear they were looking for someone with my same name but from a different state. I asked for proof of this alleged debt and never heard anything else.

    Back to BCR, when I relayed that story today and told her I disputed the debt in its entirety and demanded strict proof thereof; she began to lecture me on my moral responsibility to pay this debt. I asked her when the debt was created...2005. I then told her not only was it not my debt to begin with, but that it was well outside the statute of limitations for collections.

    I am eagerly awaiting their written proof which she claims I will receive in 5 to 7 days. I will document any further calls and advise them that I am considering suing for harassment for their attempt to collect a non-existent and noncollectable debt.

  50. Recently, a so called RS GROUP has been harassing me and my family for a debt that I know I already paid via another collection agency in 2007...always calling my work number, leaving family, brother in law, sister in law, son in law even thenHuman Resorces threatening to garnish my RS GRUPMcould be found in the Internet...I tried to,look for a lawyer who gave me a one hour free consultation..he said that since the caller only identify himself as MR JONES..and ARTHUR, and Robert. And a lot or names and ismthenmpure SCAM..I have been sleepless and could not perform my work well.....I wish I have research these reviews about collection SCAM and FRAud..Imwould have not felt embarrassed or felt humiliAted...scared...but not I AM CONFIDENT AS I KNOW MR RIGHTS NOW???RS are a great SCAM....I AMA ready to call the police if youmtryntomharrass me and my family and coworkers again....I am Not JOKING...

  51. For people that have been scammed by illegitimate business' before.. You'll get a call one day. They'll ask if you've been scammed before and you'll be asked some generic questions like for how much? What happened? How long ago was it? Different crap like that. Then they can verify the amount in your bank account when they get your card #. Then they'll say that a consultant will give you a call back and tell you how to get your money back. They'll call you back and spout some information and the Federal Truth in Lending Act.. They always like to use laws that don't evenpertain to the issue at hand to give their schemes some legitimacy. They'll say there's 100% chance of you getting your money back as long as you follow the instructions. It's false of course.force you to give them your credit card numbers ahead of time so that they can "search for the records of the transactions." That's false, of course. Even if the transactions only happened on one card, they'll say that all the cards and all the banks are connected. They just want to know how much you have in your bank accounts before they hit you for the price. They say they'll send something and have yet another person give you a call back.. "Todd Collins." Then they'll have you sign something by email. It says something like 'a price deemed appropriate for services rendered.' So if you don't pay, they'll threaten to have criminal charges filed... 'theft of services.' By law, it's illegal to check funds in a customers account unless a transaction is taking place. Then Todd will give you a call and try to pry the money from you. If "Todd" is unsuccessful, then it's the owners of the company that you'll be talking to next.. It's also illegal for them to ask for any money up front.. in fact, it's illegal for them to ask for any money until 7 days after your money has been recovered. There's a 0% chance you'll recover anything at all if you follow their instructions. And with the false addresses, false names, false numbers... you'll never hear from them again. Anyways.. if you're someone who's been scammed by this, here's some people you might be interested in talking to.


    Richard Dean (goes by Mark Wright) (480) 371-4276
    Deborah Kohlruson (Goes by Ann Scott) (480) 297-8490
    Their maid Troi(female) (480) 628-0568
    Receptionist (602) 663-0612

    Personal Address: 14619 E. Desert Vista Trail, Scottsdale, AZ 85262
    Business Address: 501 S. 48th St. Ste. 415, Tempe, AZ 85281

    Consumer Recovery Associates(CRA) is a business that has gone by many other names before. Consumer Justice, Business Justice Advocates.. different names like that. CRA is headed by a husband and wife team that met a whileo got scammed by him for over $5,000 to start CRA will tell you about the time they got $80,000 out of an old lady.
    Deborah was a teacher that took care of mentally disabled children. never allowed to return to any school district.
    Richard regularly partakes in the services of low class escorts.
    They're both morbidly obese.
    They have a very nice but obese young boy they drag along everywhere. Poor kid doesn't have any friends at all besides the 14 dogs they have in their disgusting house. He's home schooled and every single day you esn't brush his hair.
    They semi-regularly attend Phoenix First Assembly of God, and often pray with their victims. One of Doing. They use several different LLC's and business ampe, Arizona. They often give false business addresses like the county clerks office or the municipal court building. All employees are forced to give false names
    They hide under the front of a gaming design business and will say they do "business consulting and software design."
    They won't answer your phone calls, but feel free to leave a message or to stop by ;)

  52. 1-10-2013
    I got a call last night from this company, out of Atlanta (678)999-6521. Same scam

  53. I keep getting calls for my ex. Wanting to make sure he didn't use my personal info, i call back. 3 times it takes before i say "listen, i just got off the phone with my attorney and I demand you tell me what this is about" and the gal very rudely stated "LISTEN I'LL TAKE YOUR NUMBER OFF MY CALL LIST". Well, she better have. #'s are: 202-607-2748 and 619-368-1647. Although my ex is an idiot and prob has outstanding dues, after 2 years, why would he use my number.

  54. I am getting calls from these people and they have proven to me they are scammers ! First call was with my legal full name and today I get a call from them again asking for me with my divorced last name! WHF ! Do they have a list of previous marriages or what? I don't owe anyone any money, so they are trying to get money anyway they can. Today Caller asked for me by my divorced name and I said excuse me, you got the first name right but not the last and she hung up! CALLING FROM NUMBER (503) 928-5976


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