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Yet another repackaged internet scam!

There are millions of people who have their resumes at sites like or I am sure there are many who are familiar with how the system works. If a potential employer wants to contact a potential employee they can do so through the email system these sites have provided. Now you would think these sites wanting to ensure they attract the right type of businesses or people for that matter, they would maybe do a slight background check on the "potential employer" wanting to use their email system.

Now I know your thinking "Barrudaki, get to the point. Remember the title of your post." Don't worry I'm getting to it.

In not so many words I happen to looking for a new job, so yes my resume is out there for the world to see. Do you think I get contacted by real employers wanting to offer me an interview with their company? I know you would think that because hey it's a resume site designed to have people post resume and job offerings. But no, I get these scam emails from the UK wanting me to be their "Account Representative" in the states. I've gotten offers from places claiming to be furniture stores, art stores, financial consultants, etc, etc claiming to be extremely successful and in dire need of a US citizen to do monetary transactions for them. Below are few examples of such "Opportunities":

Good day!

I represent Global Finance Inc. (, HR department.
We are professional offshore service provider specializing in offshore
Banking and companies registration.

I have found your e-mail at job site and
considered that you could be a good candidate for position in our
company. I believe that our offer would be interesting for You, if You
are still in search of well paid job that takes only 3-5 hours a week.
If you already have a job it is a good chance for you to get an extra

This position is a good opportunity to become a part of global finance
and become an official employee of Global Finance Inc. Our financial
professionals work with clients to help them to achieve their many
financial goals such as saving on taxes and incorporation of their
business. There is nothing complicated. You will have a personal
manager who explains you everything easily to understand.

Our requirements:

1. A punctuality, clear background.
2. Deep desire to achieve financial success.
3. Computer / internet / email skills.
4. Internet and e-mail access.
5. Canada, US citizenship or Green Card.

The salary on this position is about $50 000 /year and higher. If You
are interested in our offer please send us your detailed resume at
e-mail or at fax: (309) 409-9416.

If you have any questions feel free to ask via e-mail.

We hope that we made a right choice and you are the person we are
looking for.

Sincerely yours,

Anne Mette

Global Finance Inc.,
Raadhusstraede 3A, 1466, Copenhagen, Denmark.

I am a student of Media Arts & Animation in the Art institute of California, San
Francisco. I took a part time job as a dispatcher from Mr. Miller the owner of
Suzan's treasures stores in Huntingtown. I will be graduating by May and i won't
be able to continue with the job; I get paid often so the issue of you getting
paid promptly is not a problem. He is a very busy person so he assigned me the
responsibility of looking for a replacement. I decided to get in touch with you,
You can contact him if you need the job. Its a job that you do not need to
travel out of your area.

These are the things i do as his dispatcher;

1, I receive packages (Jewelries) and send them to any destination he wants . He
also give me the opportunity of receiving payment on his behalf whenever he is
not in town because he trusted me so much with his funds.
2, Payments are addressed to me so that i could get funds in my bank easily.
3. He always instruct me to save the funds in his account and sometimes i send
them to his creditors base on his instructions.

I'm being paid $1,200 monthly including weekly allowances. He is a devoted
Christian and a good person to work with.You will enjoy working with him if you
follow his instructions. He's hearing impaired and can't receive voice calls
but that's no problem you can contact him via mail.

If your are interested, you are to fill this form and email to him



Cell Phone:

Telephone :




[Current Residential Address]
Street Address:

City / Town:

Zip Code:


You can contact him with your resume if you are interested along with the above
information filled and summit immediately in the open position, you can stay in
your area and work for him. Additional instructions will be given to you as
soon as your email him. His private email is: If you
are not interested, do not email him.

Good luck.



James Pecker
K&M Wholesales Ltd.
Financial Sector & Payment Dept
31 Philip Walk
Catford, London, SE15 3NH


The above named company is seeking for the post of a "PAYMENT OFFICER" in your locality. Your responsibility is to handle all matters that have to do with K&M WHOLESALES LTD transactions, correspondences and that will include managing all other payment officers under you. K&M WHOLESALES LTD is a company that imports/exports Laptop Computer in bulk.

K&M WHOLESALES LTD has established and proved itself over the years as a dependable, well financed, and responsive solution provider to eminent clients across the planet. Over time, we began to have the need to recruit individuals who could handle smaller transactions in certain areas of USA.
Your major job is to recieve payments from customers (payment methods include; cash, money order, western union, money gram, check e.t.c).

You will receive a 10% percent commission of any payment recieved for the company. Might be payment for officers under you, or payment for a service we rendered or a loan receivable. In each case you will be instructed on where to forward the payments once it clears and how to manage the funds. On each payment as earlier stated you get 10% since your position is contractual, you will be on commission basis.

You will do well to study this mail comprehensively so as to understand your job position. Remember that you can work with us even if you already have a job. Just as long as you interested and committed in your work and adhere to etiquettes of our company.

After reading this, we expect a response from you and we can get your profile ready to roll. Send an email to stating that you have read this letter and ready to start work with us, also send us the following details below if you are willing to take up the

Full Name:
Resedential Address:
Phone number:
Present Job:
Fax if any:
Permanent email address:

This is the Best Job you can get - work from home, conveniency, Part time). I will be waiting to hear from soonest.

Yours Sincerely,

James Pecker

Human Resources Manager

Okay, I know you didn't read all those examples but at least you get the idea. What totally amazes me is how these "opportunities" are blant scams! One email asks me for my ID#. Yeah like that is going to happen! Oh and of course the other things ask like Sex, Date of Birth. The email sounds more like an AOL IM than a business proposition. Pretty much what these "companies" are asking is for someone to deposit foreign checks from an unknown source into a bank account here in the states and send them the money once the "check" is cleared. No thanks, I'm having enough trouble finding a job without having a rap sheet and I don't need to add bank fraud to my list of Skills.

This is nothing more than a revamped version of the Nigerian check scam. If these companies are so successful then they do not have a need to find an "Account Representative" in the states because their bank will except the "American checks" for them all that needs to done is an exchange on the currency rate. The whole asking for D.O.B birth info. gives it the smell of scam. No employer is going to ask you that type of information until you are hired.

What really gets me is, these are being sent out via Monster and Hotjobs email system. In other words they are helping to promote these types of scams and it doesn't appear they mean to do anything about it. Even when notified this website turn a blind eye. I guess these scammers are paying them enough not to care. Since sites like and have allowed this practice to continue through their email system it's hard to take any email that comes from them seriously. It hurts their creditability as a legitimate site to find employment or post your resume.


  1. awww... motherfu**er i gave him my address and number but it was kind of expected that this was a scam or some sh*t I'm so lucky that I googled it or else i would've been in deep sh*t... am I allowed to curse on this site?? lol anyway Thanks guy

  2. Hi Barrudaki,

    I just got scam I should have do a research about the company. But thanks for the other scam I will be aware and stilling away from them.


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