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Some more Job offer scams

This one caught my attention and of course is a new low for these scammers now they are claiming to be humanitarians.

From: Diplomat Patience James

BE-1049 Brussels, Belgium.

Thanks for your positive response to our job offer.

We are reaching you for a humanitarian health committed services to HIV / AIDS patients and victims in Europe, Asia and Africa. The categories of persons involved in this package are the Youths and Teens of Europe, Asia, Africa and the poor victims of HIV / AIDS in these three continents who are unable to afford treatments for this deadly virus as part of our community Health Programmed.

In order to meet the growing challenges and also expand the scope of assistance from friends and well wishers especially in U.S.A, we are offering you the position of E.U funds receiving and disbursement officer in your country.

NOTE. You will be in charge of receiving, disbursement and distributing donations e.g Cash, Check \ Money Order received on behalf of the E.U to the beneficiary's in your country as shall be instructed by the Legal Counsel to the E.U.

Kindly send to us your contact information as listed below:


Upon your response, your details will be forwarded to our Legal Counsel in London for your employment clarifications.

Note that you should deduct 7% from any payment you received as your commission all further correspondent should be on our E-mail address:


Patience James

Wow, yet another fabric and textile company.

From: Meredith Shepherd

J S Company International.
Sussex House,London Road
East Grinstead west Sussex
RH18 1HH United Kingdom
Phone Number : +447024066139

Good day,

My name is Mrs. Meredith Shepherd .I am based in the United Kingdom. I deal in the sale and production of fabrics and textile. Based on the high level of competition in the fabrics industry ,I have decided to travel all over the world to various exhibitions in other to show case my products to physical customers on a one-on-one basis.

My Educational back ground :

Oxford University, Wolfson College, UK Oct. 1995 – June 1996 .Master of Statistics in World Archaeology California State University of Monterey Bay Sep. 1997- June 1999. Bachelor Arts in Social Behavioral Sciences, concentration in Archaeology Alliant International University, San Diego, USA Sep. 1999 - June 2001
International Relations (transferred with GPA: 3.5).

Despite the fact that this strategy increased my sales by about 25 percent, i am still facing some problems as regards payments. The major problem is that most of my customers are from the United States and they pay me in visa and certified checks cashable in the United States only. I have decided not to turn down this mode of payment so that my sales wont drop but rather increase. THAT IS WHY I NEED YOU!

I am in need of sincere people living in USA to help me process these payment by cashing the checks. If you think you can be of help to me by being my Financial Representative in the States.You will be based on 10% commission for every payment you process and you can receive payments from my customers like three times in a week depending on how much money you would want to make.


-Payments would be sent to you from my customers.
-You take the payment to your bank for the cashing processes.
-Deduct your 10% commission from the total amount after cashing.
-Send the remaining to me/suppliers via WESTERN UNION MONEY TRANSFER/MONEY GRAM.

You do not need any capital to start neither would you have to spend a cent.All we need from you is just a little bit of commitment sincerity and dedication.

If you are interested in this benefiting job offer , provide the following information for us to get started:

YOUR FULL NAME [as it should appear on checks]:
YOUR FULL HOME ADDRESS [where payments would be sent to]:

N . B : If you do not stay in the States and you feel you can still be of help ,do not hesitate to respond.

Please ,endeavor to forward all these information to my email address.
Hope to hear from you as soon as possible.
Kindest Regards ,
Meredith Shepherd ( Dr ).

I don't really understand why some many of these scam mails are sent out unless of course unsuspecting people are responding to them thinking they are going to get money for nothing. The only thing these people are going to get is a drained bank account and possible bank fraud charges.

The way these scams work are simple. These "companies" get you to cash checks through your bank account, the money seems to clear; it can take a check up to 20 days or more to clear or to come back as NSF but as courtesy your bank may only hold the funds for up to 10 days. So what happens is the check bounces the amount of the check comes out of you account plus whatever other fees. You are out the money while these company now has your money and of course you will never be able to get in touch with them.

Another thing is these scam artist may claim they would like to take the funds directly out of your account while leaving your commission percentage and may request your banks routing number and your account number. Now what some people may not realize is if someone has access to your account number and your banks routing number then they can deposit and with drawl money from your account via electronic transfer. If there is a trail of some sort where it appears you authorize it the bank won't refuse it.

Of course that is not the only way they can get your account and routing number. See most banks have a policy to help minimize mistakes. They usually have their members write their account number and signature on the back of checks that are deposited into their account. The teller then stamps the back of the check with the date and the banks routing number. All it takes is for these scam artist to get a copy of the check and they have your account, routing number, and forge an authorization form for electronic transfers. The poor fool who falls for these scam ends up with a drained account.

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